VivoQuantTM: Pre-clinical Image Postprocessing

VivoQuantTM is inviCRO's multi-modality post-processing suite for SPECT, CT, PET, MR and optical imaging data. DICOM, NifTI, and raw data can be imported as well as many proprietary formats from pre-clinical imaging equipment. VivoQuant combines fundamental viewing functionality with powerful tools for fine-tuning images, isolating and analyzing regions of interest, and more. Multiple display modes including orthogonal views, slice views, special co-registration multi-views as well as 3D MIP and volume renderings allow users to optimally view information of interest. Built-in tools allow the imaging scientist to extract the information she or he needs with minimal effort.
Please contact us at for more details on how to trial VivoQuant.

2013-04-03 » News: VivoQuant 1.23 released

VivoQuant 1.23: Bridging the gap from image to data

Download your demo version of VivoQuant, today!

inviCRO is proud to announce the latest release of our flagship VivoQuant software. Version 1.23 is the direct result of incorporating your user feature requests with our in-house development efforts.
Our hard-working team is committed to delivering a powerful and intuitive platform for image viewing and analysis. With new and expanded functionality, VivoQuant 1.23 provides the tools to enhance and streamline any demanding workflow for your team.
VivoQuant 1.23 introduces innovative new and improved features, including: To upgrade your VivoQuant version, please go to Tools|Update Check or download directly from the VivoQuant website. inviCRO invites you to attend a live WebEx Demo on April 17th at 11am EST that will highlight the new and improved features of VivoQuant. A workshop style WebEx will be held on April 30th at 11am EST as well. The WebEx meetings will be recorded and posted online for those unable to attend. WebEx details will be sent out the week prior to the Webinar. In addition, inviCRO now offers Profressional Services to support imaging groups. inviCRO will work with your team to create and optimize image data processing and reporting workflows through generation of VivoQuant and iPACS® scripts as well as software customizations. Contact your account representative to learn more about how inviCRO's Profressional Services can improve your workflows. Lastly, Aspect Imaging has partnered with inviCRO to develop and commercialize a software for 3D BLI Reconstruction, LumiQuantTM. LumiQuant is a hardware and software solution from Aspect Imaging to improve spatial localization and quantification of luminescent signal along with providing 3D anatomical co-registration with compact MRI. To learn more Click here. On behalf of the VivoQuant development team and the entirety at inviCRO, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to all of our users for your feedback and support. We hope you enjoy your experience with VivoQuant 1.23 as we look forward to any and all future correspondence. If you have questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please visit the inviCRO homepage as well as our LinkedIn page for further details.

2013-02-18 » News: VivoQuant 1.22 released

inviCRO is excited to announce the release of VivoQuant 1.22. With new and expanded functionality, this version continues to deliver the premier multi-modality image viewing and analysis platform which you and your team have come to expect from inviCRO. VivoQuant 1.22 provides enhanced tools to streamline your image analysis workflows for all of your SPECT, CT, PET, MR and optical imaging data.
Please also see attached flyer for more details.

Please join us for an overview of new and improved features in VivoQuant 1.22 (see attached flyer for more details and links):

WebEx Demos on
February 21, 11am EST (US), 5pm CET (Europe)
as well as
March 21, 11am EDT (US), 4pm CET (Europe)

VivoQuant users will be introduced to:

  • Revamped Registration and Reorientation Tool with stronger 2D & 3D capabilities
  • Improved 3D ROI tool with Newly Added Interpolation Tool, Undo/Redo Support and Expanded Keyboard Shortcuts
  • New Dosimetry Tool
  • Expanded VivoScript Capabilities, allowing more batch processing and automation
  • High definition renderings thanks to new Image Magnification Tool
  • VivoQuant Session Tool with iPACS Integrated
  • Improved Data Loading and Handling of DICOM and non-DICOM Image Data
  • Expanded Scriptable Workflows
  • Now also available on Linux (RHEL 5 compatible)
  • and much more!

2013-01-13 » News: Super sized images from VivoQuant

click for full size.
Thanks to the new magnification feature of the upcoming VivoQuant 1.22 you can now blow up your renderings to poster size, e.g. for instance this rendering of a mouse in 3430x8510 pixels (click on image for full size).

2012-10-18 » News: VivoQuant now available on Linux

Linux version of VQ
We are pleased to announce the official availability of VivoQuant 1.22 alpha versions for 64-bit Linux. If you are a Linux user, please provide your feedback to further improve the Linux experience before the final release of VQ 1.22 in December. Currently, we build VQ for RHEL 5 (also compabitle with CentOS 5 and Scientific Linux 5), however, more flavors could be available on request.

VQ 1.22: MPR View meets 3D ROI Tool

A new feature has arrived in VQ 1.22, adding an MPR view to the 3D ROI tool. Thanks to VivoScript, movies such as the above can be rendered completely automatically.

VQ 1.21: New Atlas analysis modules available!

SPECT/CT rat intrathecal injection study. CSF space and brain sub-regions were classified via VivoQuant's 3D ROI tool and Brain Atlas Segmentation Tool.

2012-06-06 » News: VivoQuant 1.21 released

inviCRO is excited to announce the release of VivoQuant 1.21. With new and expanded functionality, the development team has been hard at work to continue to deliver an image viewing and analysis platform that is more powerful, flexible, efficient and easier to use for your research needs. VivoQuant users now have access to a new and improved Distance and Annotation Tool, revamped iPACS sync and DICOM proxy clients, new VivoQuant sessions feature, improved data loading and handling of DICOM and non-DICOM image data, expanded scriptable workflows, and much more!

2012-03-07 » News: VivoQuant export renderings to Browser

VivoQuant 1.21 now allows the export of ROI renderings to your favorite (non-IE) web browser. Thanks to the X Toolkit (XTK), sharing your ROI data has become even more simple. Now your audience does not need a VivoQuant license to be able to check out your latest ROIs or Atlas work.
The export is implemented as a VivoScript, using VivoQuant's brand new ScriptEngine, which means the exported web page can be customized very easily.
Currently, experience is best on Chrome and Firefox, however, also in Safari you can enable WebGL. Internet Explorer requires the installation of a plugin.
VivoQuant 1.21 will come with many more VivoScript examples, e.g. automatic segmentation, a humane rat skinner, export of new movie types, etc...

2011-11-11 » News: VivoQuant 1.20 released

inviCRO is excited to announce the release of VivoQuant 1.20. With new and expanded functionality, the development team has been hard at work to deliver an image viewing and analysis platform that is more powerful, flexible, efficient and easier to use for your research needs. VivoQuant users will be introduced to a further revamped and improved 3D ROI tool, Bruker and Aspect Imaging MR data loading support, PET/MR viewing support, scriptable workflows, expanded DICOM support, and much more!
inviCRO has recently signed non-exclusive distribution agreements with two leading manufacturers of pre-clinical MR systems for distribution of VivoQuant as their multi-modal solution for viewing and analyzing image data.

New Features

More examples (click on image to enlarge)

Example workflow, guiding users through complicated procedures ROI Analysis of a SPECT/CT of a Squirrel Monkey with segmentations of brain, kidneys, bladder, heart...
Please note, these images shows two different animals.
Co-registration of PET/MR data
Bruker ICON 1T MR, GE Vista PET
By courtesey of: U. Mahmood, P. Heidari and P. Habibollahi. MGH, Boston
Example 3D Anaglyph movie generated with VQ. Get your 3D glasses.
VivoQuant is available for Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64 bit) as well as Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and 10.7 (Lion).
The brain and segmentation plugins of inviCRO have also been updated to make full use of VivoQuant's new and improved capabilities and additionally the integration into inviCRO's iPACS has been further enhanced.
For a full list of changes, please consult the ChangeLog.

2011-10-19 » News: First release candidate of VQ 1.20 available

The new VQ 1.20 has entered final testing and is now available for early adopters. With more than 70 improvements and fixes, including a fully overhauled and extended 3D ROI tool, VQ 1.20 is another major release.

2011-04-12 » News: New VivoQuant website launched

We have now launched a web-site dedicated to our post-processing software VivoQuant. From now on you will find here all news and new versions of VQ.

2011-04-10 » News: Release candidated for VQ 1.19 and 3D ROI Tool available

Please find installers of release candidates for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit as well as Mac OS X 64-bit in the Download section. These versions are currently undergoing last tests before the final release of the 1.19 stable version.

2011-04-08 » News: VivoQuant 1.19: Welcome to the Third Dimension

inviCRO's latest VivoQuant features the powerful fully 3D ROI tool. For the first time, you will be able to classify each individual voxel of a three dimensional volume dataset. VQ will support your segmentation efforts with easy to use, however, powerful toolbox for manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic segmentation.
VQ continues to fully support multi-modal and dynamic data, also in the 3D ROI tool. You only have to do the segmentation for a fixed ROI once and it will be evaluated for all loaded datasets automatically.
Test versions of the new 3D ROI tool are available as part of our beta testing program (see left Download column).
Manual segmentation tools:
Semi-automatic segmentation tools:
The 3D ROI tool provides powerful thresholding methods:
Fully-automatic segmentation tools:
inviCRO iPACS:
Full integration into inviCRO's iPACS Data Management System and the automated analysis tools, such as the tumor analysis and atlas-based brain tools. ROIs and quantification results can be stored and later retrieved to and from an iPACS with one click. Making it easier than ever before to exchange and archive (CFR21 part 11 compatible) your analysis results.