iPACS Service Repository

The iPACS Service Repository is a web-based repository for posting service-related images and information.

Note: Anyone is welcome and encouraged to post data to the iPACS Service repository. However, the repository is only available for viewing and downloading for qualified Bioscan service personnel.

Using the iPACS Service Repository

To submit an image or study to the iPACS Service Repository, right-click on the study or image of interest, select "Export to..." and select the "iPACS Service (write-only)" repository.

Getting There

The iPACS Service Repository is automatically installed with the VQ (v. 1.36 and later). To reach the repository, select "iPACS-Service (write only)" from the pulldown menu in the Repository panel of Data Browser.

Information for service engineers

Manual configuration of the iPACS Service repository.

To manually configure the iPACS Service Repository, create a new iPACS Repository in the Data Browser with the following settings:

You may also enter your service.spect-ct.com username and password information here for permanent access to the database. However, please be sure to do so only on your personal machines.

Accessing the iPACS Service Repository

The iPACS Service repository may be accessed via the pulldown menu in the repository panel in the Data Browser. If the repository is not configured, please see the previous section for configuration settings.

VQ will request a service.spect-ct.com username and password before granting access to the repository.

The repository is also available online by logging in at http://service.ipacs.spect-ct.com.

The repository offers search and download functionality. To download a file (or to see the other options available), right-click on the study/image of interest.

Configuring the Nucline for proper iPACS Service documentation

Adding the NanoSPECT number and location to the Model Name will improve the documentation capabilities of the iPACS Service repository. To do so, please open the camera.cfg file and change Model Name to "NanoSPECT xx - Location" where xx is the NanoSPECT number and Location is the install location of that NanoSPECT.

To verify that the Model name has been properly modified, restart the Nucline and navigate to Configuration | System Information.

The next time data are acquired with this setting and uploaded to iPACS Service, this Model Name will appear in the Data Browser under Model Name.