Installation Quick Guide

This document should guide you through the first steps to get VivoQuant running on your system:

  1. Downloading
  2. Installing
  3. License Registration
  4. Installing License Key

1. Downloading

Please point your favorite web browser to the VivoQuant Download Page for access to the latest stable release.

Development releases are available for download here listed in the Download section on the left side.

Versions (alpha, beta, rc, stable, patch) Alpha version Beta version Release candidate Stable version

Besides the last couple of stable releases, the web page may also offer preview and test versions. For a production system you should use either stable or if available patch releases. These versions are divided in four classes:

stable release These versions are the officially released and fully tested versions of VivoQuant. They have undergone intensive testing by our software developers, service engineers as well as selected expert users.
Unless you require a special feature only available in a newer version, or want to participate in the software testing process, we recommend to only use these stable releases in productive environments.
patch release Subsequent changes to stable versions are released as patched versions. Such releases only contain few and significant bug fixes established after the release of the original stable version and no other updates. Further stable releases will, unless noted otherwise, also contain such patches.
release candidates At the end of the development cycle, multiple release candidates (rc) are released, which allow users to sneak a peek on upcoming versions. These versions have undergone testing by inviCRO and are send to our partnering expert users for evaluation.
Depending on the feedback of actual users release candidates are modified to fix last bugs and finally reissued as a stable release.
Consequently, rc versions are often already stable with only minor problems to be fixed, thus allow you to use new features early. However, rc versions are not officially supported.
Release candidates have a limited life time of 90 days.
beta versions These test versions are mainly intended for software testers. They have not undergone the testing cycle required for a release candidate.
You can use these versions are your own risk.
Beta versions have a limited life time of 30 days.
alpha versions These versions are mainly used for testing within inviCRO and associated partners.
Alpha versions have a limited life time of 15 days.

2. Installing

A. Windows

Double-click the VivoQuant install icon to start the installer.

Follow the sequence of set-up steps carried out by the Installer. Please accept the default settings, or change the options according to your needs.
A detailed description of the install options can be found in Installation Details.

B. Mac OS X

Double-click and unzip the VivoQuant zip archive.

Double-click the VivoQuant installer package to start the installer.
The only step necessary to complete the installation is to select the disk VQ will be installed on. VivoQuant will then be located in the Applications folder.

C. Linux

Double-click and unzip the VivoQuant zip archive, then move the VivoQuant folder to the desired location. To run VQ, double-click the VivoQuant script contained in this folder.

3. License Registration

I. Active Accounts

VivoQuant License Management Site - manages all licenses allocated to an account. An on-site license manager login credential will be provided to each account to access the VivoQuant License Management Site. For detailed information on how to manage your acount's VivoQuant licenses Click Here.

II. Trail Accounts

Methods for Obtaining a Trial License

If you are a current end-user and have an active software account, contact your account representative for a trial license of a plugin module. Your account representative will pre-approve the trial license and you should follow section II.b. below. If you do not have an active account, please follow the below steps.

a. Requesting a Trial License b. Pre-approved Licenses

4. Installing License Key

If the end-user's computer has internet access, VivoQuant will automaticaly detect and install a pre-approved license key. If the end-user's computer does not have internet access, he or she will need to download the license provided in the link and install manually. To install a license key file manually, go to Help -> Registration within VivoQuant and click on 'Install key'. Your VQ is now registered and fully operational.

If you experience any problems, please contact