The Quantification Calculator enables a feature unique to the NanoSPECT/CT imaging system: the ability to perform absolute quantification in small-animal SPECT imaging.

Getting There

The QuantiCalc tool is available going to Advanced Modules > NucMed > NanoSPECT.

QuantiCalc Tool
QuantiCalc Tool


The Quantification Calculator is used to calculate a Quantification Factor. To perform absolute quantification, Quantification Factors must be calculated for each isotope and aperture combination used in the NanoSPECT/CT. The Quantification Factors are stored in the Quantification Database. For information on collecting the data necessary to calculate Quantification Factors, see the NanoSPECT/CT documentation.

QuantiCalc Data
QuantiCalc Data

The procedure for collecting Quantification Factor data involves performing a highly-specified SPECT measurement on a syringe filled with isotope. The fields of the QuantiCalc window may then be filled according to:

Dose Meter Record the amount of activity in the syringe in MBq,kBq, mCi or uCi as measured by a dose calibrator. Include the time of the measurement.
NanoSPECT Record the activity value measured by the NanoSPECT from reconstructed data. Include the time of data collection.
Isotope Select the isotope present in the syringe. Isotopes offered include Ga-67, I-123, I-125, Lu-177, Tc-99, Tl-201, In-111, and Xe-133. The half-life of the selected isotope will be automatically populated in units of hours.
Decay Factor The information from the Dose Meter, NanoSPECT, and Isotope fields will be used to calculate a decay factor between the time of Dose Meter measurement and data collection.
Quantification Factor The information from the above fields is all combined to determine a Quantification Factor for that particular isotope and aperture. This Quantification Factor can then be entered in the Quantification Database.

Quantification Database

The Quantification Database stores all of the Quantification Factors calculated for any isotope and aperture combination measured with the NanoSPECT/CT.