When loading data into VivoQuant, you might notice that the images appear upside-down or squished in the Display.


Left/Right Mirroring

VivoQuant allows you to choose between two Left/Right orientation options: Neurologist (LR) and Radiologist (RL).

Left/Right Orientation

To select an orientation mode, navigate to ToolsConfigurationDisplay, and use the Orientation drop-down menu to choose the desire orientation option.

Head/Feet Mirroring

If you notice that your images appear upside down, you can change the Head/Feet orientation by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Reorientation/Registration operator.

  2. Select all the images in your dataset.

  3. Check the Head/Feet checkbox.

  4. Click the checkmark Checkmark Button button to apply your changes.

Change Head/Feet Orientation
Change Head/Feet Orientation


If you notice that your images appear distorted, they might be loading as planar images. If the voxel size ratio for a non-planar image is greater than your configured maximum ratio, VivoQuant forces the image to load as a planar image. Increasing this maximum value will prevent this distortion.

To do this, navigate to ToolsConfigurationData, and increase the number for the Max voxsize ratio for vol field.

Change Max Voxsize Ratio
Change Max Voxsize Ratio