The Data Selector Widget, which is used by the Reorientation/Registration, Arithmetics, and Filtering operators, provides a flexible method for selecting inputs on which to perform actions.

Data Selector
Data Selector

Using the Data Selector

The Data Selector Widget offers two ways to inform VivoQuant on which inputs the user would like to operate.

  • Option 1: The user may type the inputs of interest into the text field, using standard list logic. For example, typing [1,2,3,4] will inform VivoQuant the user wishes to operate on Input1, Input2, Input3 and Input4. Alternatively, this same command could be accomplished simply by typing [1-4]. These formats may also be mixed, for example, typing [1-3,5] would indicate the user wishes to operate on Input1 through Input3, and Input5. An important note is that the widget refers to the Reference image as 0.

  • Option 2: The user may choose to use the widget dropdown, which is the button with the triangle, shown selected, above. This will allow the user to select the check box for the inputs of interest, or the All option if so desired. Using the dropdown does not preclude the user from also editing the text field, as it will update according to the selected items.