The Zoom function allows for altering the viewpoint of the images by zooming in and out, and also provides the option of a full screen view.

Getting There

There are three different methods for operating the Zoom function. The first method is to go to the View menu and select Zoom.


The second method is to use the following keyboard shortcuts:

Function Shortcut
Zoom in (25%) Ctrl + +
Zoom out (25%) Ctrl + -
Normal size Ctrl + 0
Full screen Ctrl + F
Auto zoom Ctrl+ Z

For more information on keyboard shortcuts, see the Keyboard Shortcuts page.

The third method is to click on the Zoom In Icon and Zoom Out Icon thumbnails in the Main Window.


The Zoom In option allows for to zooming in by 25% increments. The Zoom Out option allows for zooming out by 25% increments.

Zoom In and Out
Zoom In and Out

The Normal Size is the default angle. Selecting this option will bring the images back to their original viewing angle.

The Full Screen options displays VivoQuant in full screen mode. To enable and disable this mode, hit the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F.

The Auto Zoom option automatically increases the viewing angle of the images if the size of VivoQuant’s window is increased. To access this option, click on the Auto Zoom thumbnail Icon on the top bar.