Use the SUV Calculator to calculate a specific uptake value (SUV), given the appropriate entries of injected dose, subject weight, and activity concentration.

Getting There

Access the SUV Calculator by going to Advanced Modules > NucMed > SUV Calculator.

SUV Calculator
SUV Calculator


The SUV Calculator requires several values to make its calculations. An activity and volume are used to calculate an activity concentration. The subject weight and injected dose are used in conjunction with the activity concentration to calculate the SUV. Units for these entries are user-selectable.

SUV Calculator - Values
SUV Calculator - Values
Value Units Description
Activity MBq, kBq, mCi, or μCi Amount of isotope as measured in a dosimeter or with the NanoSPECT.
Volume cm3, mm3, ml, μl The volume containing the activity.
Concentration kBq/ml, MBq/ml, mCi/ml, kBq/mm3, MBq/mm3 The ratio of activity to volume.
Patient Weight g, kg The weight of the animal or object of interest.
Injected Dose MBq, kBq, mCi, or μCi The amount of isotope successfully injected into the subject.
SUV mg/ml, g/ml, kg/ml, g/l, g/mm3, kg/mm3 The specific uptake value (SUV) given the patient weight, activity concentration, and injected dose specified in the other fields.