Included with VivoQuant are 30 VivoScripts that illustrate some of the many ways in which users may use VQScript to streamline their workflows. Below is a list of these VivoScripts, along with a brief description of its usage.

While the primary purpose of these files is illustrative, several include ready-to-run functions that users may find useful for their own VivoScripts. To include these functions, place the following command at the top of your VivoScript:

#include "(script name).vqs"


These files may be found in the VivoScript folder, which is located at C:/Program Files/invicro/VivoQuant/VivoScript/.

File name Description
00-Example.vqs A list of some commonly used functions.
Annotation.vqs Several ways to markup data with basic text, or even add some graphical elements to your images.
Dark-Tumor.vqs Automates the drawing of an ROI using thresholding and smoothing algorithms.
Eval.vqs Simple function that opens the VivoScript Evaluation dialog.
ExtraInfo.vqs Extract information from the DICOM header and append the data to the elements of the DataList.
Hello-World.vqs Basic "Hello World!" function. Illustrates how to display dialog messages in VivoQuant.
HumaneSubjectSkinner.vqs Example applying the rat skinner algorithm across multiple studies.
ipacs.vqs Class definition for iPACS repository object. Contains methods essential to interacting with iPACS.
Loader.vqs Script that reloads current data - good for becoming familiar with loading data using the Data Manager.
MergeROI.vqs Shows how to download a set of existing ROIs and merge them together as a single layer.
Movie-3D-MPR.vqs Creates and saves movies of each ROI, with varying display styles.
PersistantHash.vqs Hashing keys and values for use across multiple VivoScripts, be sure to adjust the location of the .hash file for use in your environment.
QuantiCalc.vqs How to automate use of the 3D ROI Tool for calculating quantification calibration factors.
queryROI.vqs Query through any datapoints to later load directly via WebDisk.
ratio2black.vqs Shows visualization of datasets with both positive and negative values in MIP rendering.
RepairSlices.vqs Repairs z-slices in the dataset by interpolating them from the adjacent slices.
ROIAudit.vqs Allows user approval/rejection of any drawn ROIs, marking the status of each in the datalist.
Ruler.vqs Calculates and displays a ruler legend to the image.
saveTS-crosshairs.vqs Saves images with contextual crosshairs or annotations to give focus to any points of interest.
SelectSlicesMovie.vqs Save a custom fly-through movie with a selected starting and ending slices.
SetDataType.vqs Displays the type of currently loaded image data, which can then be changed to volume, projection, etc.
Sizes.vqs Script that finds and displays the voxel size, pixel size, and scale of the loaded data.
SkullStrip.vqs After selecting a seed point, this script uses the 3D ROI Spline Tool for skill stripping a brain data set slice-by-slice.
SplineMM.vqs Determines correct paintbrush size based on the diameter provided by the user in millimeters.
VQreset.vqs Resets many of the settings in VivoQuant to their defaults.
VQSTools.vqs Collection of functions that automate many common and essential tasks in VivoQuant.
WebDisk.vqs Example showing how to access data using the WebDisk.